This duo? As Paris would say, “that’s hot!”

Patrick Starrr and Paris Hilton joined forces for an iconic makeup tutorial, and yes like I said before, it was iconic. The duo got together to create a look and celebrate the launch of Paris’s new venture, Paris Hilton Skin Care, for the launch event in Las Vegas. Patrick revealed that he and P traveled in style, of course, taking a private jet and chatting all the way about all things life and beauty related.

Throughout the entire video Paris expressed her love and admiration for the makeup guru and revealed that SHE was actually the one who DMed Patrick to collaborate. Paris also discussed her love of all things beauty since she was a child and talked about how her beauty empire came to life. While I don’t want to spoil too much on the video for people who haven’t watched yet, I can say that I would LOVE to see these two collab together again ASAP.

Check out the full tutorial below!