It’s Friday, Friday, gotta share an interview with my girl Rebecca on this Friday! I’m so excited to share this new interview I did with the beautiful and extremely talented Rebecca Black. The singer and I chatted about her time on Fox‘s ‘The Four‘, the time it’s been since her first hit ‘Friday,’ collaborations, and all things music.

I want to give a very big thanks to Rebecca + her incredible management team at Teall, I adore and appreciate you so much! Be sure to follow Rebecca on Instagram and Twitter to keep up with all things RB and for exciting updates coming soon.

Happy Friday loves, enjoy this interview!

DL: Rebecca!! I am so excited to be talking with you, thank you so much for taking the time. How are you!?

RB: Thanks for having me! I’m doing so good thank you! It’s been a busy summer between filming for a new feature film, writing music and lots of travel. It’s been a blast and I cannot wait to share what I’ve been working on with everyone.


DL: You were recently on FOX‘s show ‘The Four,’ what made you want to go on the show?

RB: I had watched the first season and what I really appreciated about the show was that I felt they truly allowed each artist coming on to showcase their uniqueness, and I really did become such a fan of several contestants while watching. I couldn’t shake this feeling of excitement around the show and I was just so stoked to have the chance to get up there and showcase who I am as an artist now versus what people may know me as from before.


DL: How was it getting to perform for the judges and your fellow contestants?

RB: It was CRAZY. The show is definitely intense, and those judges play no games – they know exactly what they are looking for. I was a little nervous leading up to it but they ended up being so encouraging. So many of the contestants I got to meet were sweethearts too.


DL: I was completely in awe of your performance of NSYNC’s ‘Bye Bye Bye,’ like girl….OMG. In all honesty I think it’s better than the original, no joke! What made you want to perform this song and do you think you’ll ever release a cover version on your channel? I’m dying for a full version from you.

RB: Oh thank you! I’ve always wanted to flip this song on its head. It started with me messing around on my own with the song on my piano, making it really soft and eerie which I felt brought out such a new side of the song. There are so many iconic bops from our childhoods that have some really beautiful lyrics! I’ve always wanted to perform it so it was the first thing I thought of doing!


DL: The video introduction before you went on touched me a lot, I was very happy to see how courageous you’ve been about overcoming the bulling from others. What made you want to share your story the way you did?

RB: Its not an easy thing to share, so I had to prep myself mentally before the show. The thing was, I knew it was important an important story to share for two reasons. To help myself move on, and to hopefully help at least a few people out there feel a bit less alone if they’re also feeling rejected or like an outcast. It so vital to have conversations about the state of our society in order to move forward and improve the way we communicate with each other.


DL: It’s insane to me that your hit, ‘Friday,’ was released back in 2011… I can’t believe how long it’s been. Your sound has changed a lot since then, what would you describe it to be now?

RB: So long, right?  I can barely believe it either. My sound has changed in probably almost every way, and I think thats due to the fact that I don’t really think I had a “sound” until now. I was so young and had so, so much to learn. Now I’ve had a few years of writing and really understand what makes a “sound.” I love synths, I love a driving bass, I love 80s, I love clashing genres…I could go on forever. I just try to implement my favorite things into my own music.


DL: Is there a genre of music that you want to experiment with most?

RB: Hmmm, I want to experiment with everything! But I was just in New Orleans to shoot a film and being surrounded by so much jazz really inspired me! The way each instrument responds to each other is so unique and to me never gets old.


DL: Your EP that you released last September was incredible, lyrically and sound wise, what was that process like for you?

RB: It a solid two years of a lot of experimenting and trying things out. I wrote so many songs and after a bit of time, I ended up with what I felt was a solid set of songs that represented me at that time! I put so much into that Ep, even re-recording vocals on certain songs like 10 different times and remixing twice as much. I just wanted it to be the best it could be!


DL: Besides personal experience, did you have any inspiration from any other artists or things that kind of gave you ideas for any songs?

RB: I listen to all sorts of music to learn – to see how something can be done and done well, which has certainly helped me grow as a writer – even if the genres I’m listening to are tooootally different from the genres I’m actually creating in. For example, when I began listening to and learning more about country music  – I learned so much about storytelling in a song. So more so like that than getting a direct idea for myself – you know?


DL: Any chance we’ll be getting a new EP or even an album before the year ends?

RB: Working on it! I have been writing a bunch this summer so hopefully will have some new material out for you soon. I am so excited to get it out there.


DL: Is there any singers and/or songwriters that you’re hoping to collaborate with in the near future for your music, or even theirs?

RB: Collaboration in music is always fun for me – getting to bring completely different sets of inspiration and ideas into one room on one project can make for something really unique – and there’s so much to gain and learn from when working closely with others! If I were to name one artist right now I’d love to work with, it probably be Broods. I just love the way they use structure and sound.


DL: I would love to see a collab between you and Meghan Trainor, like so bad. Have you guys had the chance to talk about working together yet?

RB: She has been so continually supportive on social media since getting to meet her on The Four – working with her would be a dream come true for sure, I have the utmost respect for her as a songwriter and artist!


DL: With all the exciting things you’ve done, and continue to do, is there anything you hope to accomplish in the coming years?

RB: Oh man, there is a big long list I have of everything I would love to accomplish, and it’s always growing and changing as I am. Honestly it feels like I’m still just beginning, which is a little bit daunting but also the most fun feeling to have.


DL: Thank you for taking the time to speak with me Rebecca, you’re a true star and I wish you nothing but the best!

RB: Thank you so much, hopefully our paths will cross IRL soon! Wishing the best for you as well x