Mental health, celebrity interviews, and all things pop culture



David LeCours II is a twenty-one year old celebrity interview pop culture blogger and influencer from Massachusetts.

XO Diva D was launched in 2016 based on David’s love of all things entertainment and pop culture and takes readers into a close look of  pop culture, fashion, celebrities, and more. Having done numerous interviews with celebrity models, stylists, musicians, social media influencers, and reality TV stars; David presents his readers with their professional lives and current projects, while keeping it entertaining and fun for both himself, the interviewee, and both audiences.

Kim Petras, Gwyneth Paltrow, Emma Roberts, Melissa Joan Hart, and The Chainsmokers are some of the many interviews and features David has done on his blog. On top of the interviews, he has also worked and continues to work with numerous brands and companies which include MACHiltonMario Badescu, Paris Hilton BeautyBeauty Blender, Too Faced, Essentia Water, Super Coffee, and more which can be found on his socials.

When asking LeCours what his biggest goal for his blog was, it wasn’t your typical “just to be successful” answer. “I just want whoever is reading my blog or social media posts on a daily basis to know they aren’t alone,” says David. “My biggest goal for XO Diva D and myself as a person is to just help or inspire someone.”

“I’ve had my fair share of ups and downs, but I won’t let that or the people who tried to tear me down define who I am as a person.” He continued, “I want each and every follower and/or reader of mine to just be happy and embrace themselves no matter who or what they are; we are all made to shine and nobody should ever have that taken away from them.”

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