Ariana Grande’s New Album, ‘sweetener,’ Is Out Now!


It’s sweetener day people!

Ariana Grande’s highly anticipated fourth studio album, ‘sweetener,’ is out worldwide now. After nearly two years of writing and recording, the fifteen track album is finally in the hands of millions of Ariana fans.

While the singer poured her heart and soul into this album, she does however have a few favorites! In a recent Twitter chat with her fans, Ari revealed that her current faves from the album are “R.E.M., Borderline, Pete Davidson, Better Off, and Goodnight N Go.”

Ariana’s boyfriend, Pete, also shared his favorites in an IG video posted a few days back…what’re his faves? “God Is A Woman, Pete Davidson (duh), R.E.M., Sweetener, and Better Off.” How cute is it that she has a song named after her fiance!? UGH!

Be sure to get Ariana’s new album, ‘sweetener,’ out NOW!

Image result for ariana grande sweetener

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