You guys wanted to know, so now I’m sharing!

Last week for the Team 10 show in New York City, I used two of my favorite makeup brands to get ready! KKW Beauty by Kim Kardashian West and Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner were the two lines that helped me master this look. While I’m no makeup guru or expert, I do what works for me along with the steps/tips I’ve picked up from Kim and Kylie themselves.

I’ve been so eager to try using just these two lines to do a bronzy and tan look, so I finally went ahead and did it…and used nothing else, except my Evian Facial spray, lol! You guys seemed to love this look and when I asked if you wanted to know exactly what I used/did, the response was sooo good!

Below, you can find exactly how I used KKW Beauty and Kylie Cosmetics to create my Team 10 New York City concert look!


After cleansing my face with my IS Clinical facial cleanser, I used my handy dandy facial roller from Amazon to rub on my entire face and neck to get the puffiness and swelling down. (My face is so annoying sometimes, lol.)

Following that, I then took the KKW Beauty concealer in shade LIGHT 3 and applied it under my eyes, as well as on any imperfections.

After, I took the Kylie Cosmetics concealer in shade MEDIUM HICKORY and mixed it on top of the lighter concealer. (I do this because I have really dark under eyes sometimes and I like to whiten them out a bit, but then put some color back into it)

When I was done applying my concealers, I took the KKW Beauty baking powder in shade BAKE 1 TRANSLUCENT and let my under eyes bake. (I also put a few dots of it on the imperfections I had, I like to let those bake as well.)

After five minutes or so, I then brushed off any remaining powder and then took my KKW Beauty brightening powder in shade BRIGHTEN 1 VANILLA and applied it to my under eyes.

I then took my creme contour and highlight sticks from KKW Beauty in shade MEDIUM and contoured my face and neck, gotta hide that double chin sometimes…lol!

After contouring, I applied the KKW Beauty highlight palate to the areas I wanted to shine most (i.e. side eye, cupids bow, right and left side of my forehead) in PALATE 1.

When I was finished highlighting, I took my Kylie Cosmetics (KOURT X KYLIE) Pink Palate and used the shade QUEEN for eye shadow.

 Following that, I took my Kylie Cosmetics lip liner in shade CANDY K and outlined my lips.

To finish my look off, I took the Kylie Cosmetics (KOKO COLLECTION) Damn Gina gloss and applied it to my lips.