Not regular coffee, I’m all set with that stuff.

I think we all have that one thing that helps us start our days and for most people it’s coffee. I’m the same way, except I need a certain coffee now…that coffee? Super Coffee. You guys probably see my daily posts of the bottle and it’s not just a dumb ad to say I drink it, it’s the real deal!

I’ve been drinking my Super Coffee for the past two or three months and let me say this, you’ll never need or want one of those Starbucks sugary drinks from the grocery store again, they can’t even compare to this stuff. What I love most about it is that it’s not only healthier and contains protein for me, but it gives me the perfect amount and always makes me in a better mood.

There isn’t a morning when I don’t have a bottle, even if I’m traveling…I ALWAYS have some with me. Although all the flavors are great, my go-to are the Vanilla Bean and Maple Hazelnut. I don’t believe in working with companies and/or brands just to work with them, I believe in working with good people who have a good product (or products) that I like and use. With all of that being said, you guys NEED to try it out!!!

The Super Coffee Team are absolutely amazing and I love them so much! Jordan, Jimmy, Jake, and Marina are the best and I couldn’t be more excited for them or proud of all the hard work they’re doing. Make sure you check out the official website and stay tuned for some very exciting new stuff from them, I hear it’s quite tasty…. πŸ˜‰