The Lip Scrub You See On My Social Stories All The Time


Soft and clean lips? Yes please!

For those who keep up with me and my social stories on the daily basis, you know I’m always using a certain lip scrub! I’ve gotten tons of DM’s and comments, so I figured I do a little post about the one you always see on me.

The lip scrub you guys see is Sara Happ’s Coconut Lip Scrub, one of my must-haves. Since my lips tend to get dry very easily I’m always using this to get rid of the winter-like lips. A lot of people tend to get dryer lips in the winter, but I get them then and sometimes during the summer too. Coconut is one my favorite scents/flavors, so this works perfectly for me!

I tend to use this lip scrub and then apply a gloss or lip slip, both usually from Sara Happ as well. I also am a really big fan of the ‘Perfect Pout In A Box- Treatment Set,’ which I also have featured on my social stories.

Let me know if you guys try any of these products out!


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