Lacking self love, body image struggles, judging our appearances, and everything in between- we’ve all been there. Ilya Fedorovich, the founder of Xeela, has been changing the lives of his closest friends and we are getting an inside look at how he helped the queen, Natalie Mariduena, change hers.

Within six months Natalie was able to lose thirty pounds and she’s opening up about the highs, and the lows, of her weight loss journey in a new documentary that dropped today. In a recent interview on Lightweights Podcast, Natalie opened up about working with Ilya and what it was like discovering a whole new her.

“Ilya and I definitely went at it several times, but I feel like the whole process is difficult to anyone to begin with because you have to be so diseplined on your workouts, your diet, and more” Natalie said. “I think the whole fitness transformation as a whole is a nod to somebody’s motivation and determination,” she added.

There are thousands of products that claim they can help you lose “thirty pounds in a month,” but there’s a difference between that and Xeela‘s eight month journey with Natalie. While she has always looked great in my opinion, Natalie looks incredible and has a glow to her like no other and it was done the healthy way.

Natalie is teaming up with Xeela for a limited time only collection + merch drop which is available now here.

Natalie Mariduena’s documentary is out now. You go, Nat!