If you don’t recognize this guy, you might want to head over to Netflix and binge watch ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ so you can learn all about him. It was such a pleasure getting to chat with the incredibly talented, and funny, Luke Cook!

Luke and I talked all things CAOS, moving from Australia to Los Angeles, and how one “bad” audition can get you the role to jump start your career even more. Be sure to keep reading to find out all this and more, and if you haven’t already… check Luke out on Netflix now.

I want to thank Luke so much for taking the time for a quick chat with me and I hope you all enjoy this little catching up session as much as I enjoyed doing it. Don’t forget to follow Luke on Instagram to keep up to date on all the latest and greatest in his life!


DL: Luke, thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me! How are you?

LC:  Feeling great mate!


DL: You’ve been acting for quite some time now, but where did it start for you?

LC: It started when i was in grade 6. I impersonated Frank Sinatra, singing My Way as an audition for the school play in front of all the guys in the grade. They gave me a standing ovation, and I thought: well maybe you should do this all the time!


DL: What made you want to move from Australia to Los Angeles, was it to get your career going in the entertainment industry more?

LC: Oh absolutely. There’s nowhere else to be if you want to be at the top of the industry. The industry in Australia is not only small, it’s limited. For instance, the Australian sitcom doesn’t exist, and I’ve always dreamt of doing those.


DL: How would you say you stay inspired and motivated for auditions, casting calls, and all that jazz that you actors go through? It’s incredible to see the determination and charisma that you guys have, it’s definitely not easy.

LC: It can be hard, I lose faith in my talent all the time. Sometimes I know I’m great and talented, and other times i think i’m absolutely useless, and I should quit and move home and be a nurse like my parents would’ve liked. The fact is, if you’re a successful actor, you’ll have 100 auditions but only land one of those jobs!


DL: Now let’s talk about your iconic role as Lucifer on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. What was it about the role and show that made you want to audition?

LC: Who wouldn’t want to play the devil?!


DL: I was reading one of your interviews and you said that the CAOS was your “worst audition ever.” It’s funny because your worst one ended up leading you to be a fan favorite haha.

What was the audition process like for you? Did you know that you were auditioning for the role of Lucifer, or was it for the show in general?

LC: They let me know it was for the role of Lucifer/ The Dark Lord. I’d never watched the show so I had no idea how important this part was. Auditioning sucks, just generally, it’s a really annoying process, I don’t know any actor who enjoys it.

So when I went in and read with David Rapaport who I hadn’t seen in the long time, I got nervous, and kept flubbing the lines. eventually i got the words out and walked out of his office feeling like i should immediately book a ticket back to Australia because I’m a terrible actor and this is never going to work out.


DL: What was your initial reaction to getting the role, were you excited, nervous, overwhelmed?

LC: Excited!


DL: How was it getting to work with the cast? Do you have any favorite memories from set?

LC: Everyone is so sweet! I’m still not sure if I’m coming back for season 3, but i want to mostly because I love them all. My birthday was the last day of shooting and the whole cast and crew sang me happy birthday which was really cute.


DL: You’re definitely my favorite Lucifer that I’ve seen in any movies, haha.

Were you in the show playing Lucifer when he had the bull-type mask on, or did you only do the role when we saw Lucifer in human form?

LC: Just human form.


DL: The season two finale ended with quite a cliffhanger. What can you tell us about season three, will we be seeing more of you?

LC: I don’t know yet. all we know about season three at this time is that the gang is going to hell to get Nick!


DL: Have you guys heard anything about season three, like when filming starts and what not? Us fans are dying to see what happens next!

LC: Mid-may I believe.


DL: Do you have any hopes for your role in the upcoming season?

LC: I’m hoping I come back and cause a whole bunch of trouble!


DL: Are there any projects that you’re working on right now or finished up that we can expect to see you in during this year?

LC: I’ve wrapped two movies in the last 6 months, one is called Follow Me and another called Eye Without A Face.


DL: Thank you so much again for taking this time to speak with me Luke! Can’t wait to ‘praise Satan’ when you guys are back 😉

LC: A pleasure!