It’s the french store, bitch!

Anyone that knows me, or knows of me, knows how much I love Britney. Brit is a household and legendary name that’s really helped shape the music industry and create such iconic memories for everyone and everything.

It’s no secret that she’s had some of the best merchandise over her two decade career, but it can be difficult to get your hands on past merchandise from earlier on without paying a fortune. Then there’s this store; the Britney Store. Fr– one of my favorites!

This store, which is fan run, features some of Britney’s most iconic merchandise pieces and offers an even wider variety of Britney items like fan made and official DVD’s, CD’s, tee-shirts, fragrance’s, sweatshirts, posters, Vinyl’s, old tour passes, and so much more.

Shipping worldwide and having more than six-hundred items in stock, the store is based in France and has the best customer service and really anything and everything a Britney fan could want or dream of. I have ordered things a number of times, as well as some close friends of mine, and we have nothing but the best reviews to tell and give!

A dear and sweet friend of mine, Joachim, is one of the people who helps run the store and I am so incredibly thankful for him and the rest of the store crew for having such a great selection of items available that I either wasn’t able to get or things I had that I unfortunately had to part with when I was younger.

Below you can find a few images of some of the current and past items the store has had, and you can go here to shop the store in its entirety! Be sure to follow the store’s official Facebook and Instagram page for all the latest and greatest item updates, and let me know what you guys think. It’s the french store, bitch!

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