Get ready for your new favorite album…

Ashley Tisdale is BACK and better than ever. The singer and actress released her new album, ‘Symptoms,’ today and perfect isn’t even a good enough word to describe her newest masterpiece.

The nine track LP is the singers first album since her iconic 2009 ‘Guilty Pleasure,’ era and features a much different vibe; lyrically and sound wise, to the Ashley we’ve heard from before. Being based off her “symptoms” with mental health, Ashley took her insecurities and struggles and used them to share her story and teach others they aren’t alone.

“I wanted to make someone at home feel less alone in their journey,” said Ashley while discussing her new record. “It’s hard to be vulnerable. It’s scary, but I think that it’s important to share what I’ve been through, and say that I’m human and I go through those things too.”

When talking about her past and current sound, Ashley said she felt that she was “overproduced in the last two albums” and that this record is “much more stripped-down.”

Ashley also gave some important advice and words of wisdom to her fans in regards to struggling with depression and anxiety. “It’s really scary when you don’t talk about,” she says. “The more you can reach out to people, even though it’s hard, I just feel like start the conversation.” She continued, “know that you’re not alone; like I go through it and everyone goes through something.”

It’s incredible to see Ashley sharing her story and not letting her mental health struggles define her as a person or win her over; it takes a very brave soul to do this. Here’s to Ashley being so courageous, inspiring, and brave- she’s helping more people than she realizes with just talking about it.

Ashley’s new album, ‘Symptoms,’ is out now! Plus check out her performance of her single ‘Voices In My Head‘ from The Late Late Show With James Corden last night below.