Exactly four years ago on this day I got a letter back from the woman who saved and changed my life. A few days prior to getting this letter back, I gave her one in person when seeing her at her hit Las Vegas show, Piece Of Me.

I remember handing her the letter and telling her that she was the reason I was able to meet her that day, that she and her music made me fight for my life and helped me come out to my family and friends. The letter detailed what I went through and how she helped me get through it, that she was a light in the dark and helped me get through the toughest days of my life. While most celebrities would just say “thank you,” I got one of the biggest hugs and was repeatedly told how proud Britney was of me.

What I didn’t think would happen though, was that I would soon go home to a letter back from her and receive an uplifting letter that changed my life for the better. I never thought that I’d get this letter and never imagined the woman who’s impacted my life since I was a small child would one day know me just by first name, the little me would never believe it.

Britney is the reason I’m alive today and I owe her everything for guiding me through those dark days, and the occasional ones that I still face today. While I no longer battle with severe depression, anxiety, self-harm, or an eating disorder- I do have days just like everyone else where I feel insecure. The one thing I tell myself though, is that Britney would want me to continue to fight my inner demons and never let those bad thoughts bring me to that horrific place again.

I will never be able to thank Britney enough for all that she has done, and continues to do for me, she’s changed my life and I will forever be grateful. Britney, I love you so much and hope you never feel like you’re not worthy- you’re the reason I am here today. Thank you for being not only an inspiration to me and so many others, but for being a light in the dark. I love you Britney.