The twenty one year old singer and actress is GLOWING!

Zendaya is Marie Claire‘s September 2018 cover girl and she is serving looks. Z talked with the magazine regarding her acting/singing career, stepping away from Disney Channel, how Scandal‘s Olivia Pope inspires her, and much more.

“I’m coming from this very different world of Disney. Having been consistently on a TV show, I felt stagnant. Not having that anymore, I am being seen as a real actress, doing what makes me feel pushed and motivated,” Zendaya said regarding her departure from Disney into more mature roles. She continued, “I don’t necessarily think comfort is always the best place to live in. I’ve really found the power in just doing what makes me happy.”

She also talked about one of her inspirations- Scandal‘s Olivia Pope… “I call it my Olivia Pope gut. I just had to be in tune with that and be like, ‘Listen, whatever feels right, go after that.’ There’s something liberating about making decisions for yourself.”

For more info on Zendaya’s Marie Claire cover, click here! The September issue hits newsstands tomorrow.

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