It’s Kylie’s birthday month, ya’ll!

The Queen of makeup is ready to cash in, because her annual birthday collection is launching TODAY! Kylie’s twenty-first limited edition birthday collection will feature a brand new twenty-one pan eyeshadow palate, three brand new lip kits, six lipsticks, six mini lip sets, three glitter eyes, and a few more surprises.

Ky’s third annual collection will launch exclusively to her makeup empire, ‘Kylie Cosmetics,’ today at 3PM PST and is guaranteed to sell out in minutes…duh! Below you can find the exact product and bundles prices for the new collection, so get ready dolls.



Lip Kits: $30 Lip Trio: $36

Liquid Eyeshadows: $20

6-Piece Mini Lipstick Set: $36

Lipstick Singles: $17

Makeup Bag: $32

Eyeshadow Palette: $65

Highlighter: $28

6-Piece Lipstick Set: $90

Birthday Mega Bundle: $415 (everything)

Twenty One Bundle: $195