The detox’s perfect for summer time dolls!

Khloé is the queen at all things health and wellness, just as her sisters Kourt and Kim are too, so KoKo decided to take to her app/website and share her best detox tips. Khloé talked about detoxing by saying  “Detoxing doesn’t have to be all or nothing, dolls! No need to give up solid food or pound vinegar. There are plenty of small ways to incorporate gentle and effective detox methods into your life to keep toxins and free radicals at bay.”

What’re the four best detox tips she’s sharing!? They include waking up with lemon water, sweating it out, sipping on green tea, and brushing your body. Khloé said that waking up with lemon water has some great benefits “Lemon juice promotes digestion by breaking down fat molecules and helps the liver produce enzymes and purge toxins. It’s also an excellent source of vitamin C, which fights free radicals and strengthens the immune system.”

Second, she reveals that sweating it out is very important too. “The most basic but effective way to detox is to simply break a sweat,” she said. She continued on about her and Kourtney doing this together, “Kourt and I have visited Shape House‘s infrared sauna, which works by encouraging a deeper, more profuse sweat than ordinary saunas. It’s your express ticket to sweat!”

Third and fourth, brushing your bod and sipping on that green tea! KoKo says that green tea is her “caffeine savior” and says she drinks two cups of it per day. She then said that brushing your body is great too, “Not only does dry brushing exfoliate and unclog your pores to facilitate sweating, but it stimulates your lymphatic system, which is responsible for eliminating toxins.” She continued, “Other immediate benefits include smooth and glowy skin!”

For more helpful posts from Khloé, head over to her official app + website!