Happiness, music, and more.

Lauv sat down with Rogue Magazine for their N°9 massive double issue. Opening up about his happiness, putting out music earlier in life, and his success- he wants to let fans in on the real him.

“Honestly, my mind moves so quickly that sometimes I have trouble truly realizing how crazy all of this is and how much 14-year-old Ari would’ve killed to be here,” he said about his incredible success throughout the past years.

Speaking on putting music out in 2015, he describes it as “really different.” He continued to say, “It was just really personal to me. So I decided to put it out with zero expectations just to reconnect with that avenue of true self-expression.”

And as for happiness and his goals? He knows what he wants and what makes him happy. “I see all the tangible goals of things like playing MSG and getting Grammys as a sign of something bigger and more important. I never want anything to be forced in life, so for me that level of success really means creating something much bigger than yourself that can reach and connect a lot of people.”

Lauv’s feature with Rogue Magazine can now be ordered here.