Are you ready for another iconic happy/emotional video?!

Tove Lo is back with another killer music video! The pop starlet just released her fourth full-length studio album, ‘Sunshine Kitty,’ and dropped a music video for the single and song from the album, ‘Sweettalk my Heart.’ Described as an “emotional and happy” song and music video, the thirty-one-year-old opened up about the inspiration behind the new track.

“‘Sweettalk my Heart’ is weirdly my happy love song. In a way I’m asking the person I love to lie to me; promise things we both know we can’t know if we can keep, because nobody knows the future,” she said.

She continued, “It’s about believing what you’re both feeling in the present – that you’ll love each other forever. It might be naive, but I think that’s good. Being realistic about love makes it impossible to fully feel it.”

Tove will also kick off her ‘SUNSHINE KITTY TOUR‘ early next year, so be sure to get dates and ticket information here. You can also buy and/or stream the new LP from Tove right here; you won’t regret it, I promise.

Check out the music video below!