Basic season is upon us, but Super Coffee is here to make it a healthier way!

Super Coffee has done it again by adding a new flavor, that very well could be their best, to the list of an iconic set of products that are a total must-have for any coffee lover. The new flavor, Maple Pumpkin, launched on Sunday and is already selling as quick as you’d expect it to be.

While the new product was teased for quite some time, customers can finally get their pumpkin-dosage of their soon to be only PSL flavor (sorry Starbucks) that’s in stock for a limited time only. The new flavor comes in three different types; espresso, creamer, and of course the iconic Super Coffee bottle.

“Pumpkin is to fall as you are to coffee. Exclusively for this autumn, we’ve put our Super spin on a fall classic.” the company says. “You better order now, we’ll sell out faster than the leaves change colors. And once they’re gone, they’re gone…’til next year of course!”

Get the brand new Super Coffee flavor, here, now!