Are you guys ready for a MAJOR giveaway?!

I’m beyond excited to FINALLY share the giveaway I’ve been planning for you guys, and it’s here! I thought it would be such a great idea to do something for people who are ending their summer + might be headed back to school now, and was like “let’s do something fun for the last part of summer,” and came up with this.

I wanted to make sure the giveaway was super fun, so I got together some of my favorite brands and companies and talked to them to see if they’d be up to doing for you guys with me, and of course; it’s a yes! The things I use are obviously a staple for me in my life, so I thought it would be awesome for you guys to get the chance to try out the things I’m always posting and talking about.

While it’s a bummer summer is officially coming to an end, I knew this would be a great way to celebrate it ending! I want to give a major thank you to the incredible brands and companies that took part in this giveaway and for believing in me and my blog from the start; you hold a special place in my heart!

The giveaway is LIVE on my Instagram NOW, so go go go!!