Is there anything she CAN’T do?!

Millie Bobby Brown’s newest venture, a beauty line, has officially launched! The fifteen-year-old released her highly anticipated new line, ‘Florence by Mills,’ last Monday and the reactions have been everything we’ve wanted and more.

“I wanted to create something for me and my generation, my friends and peers,” she said in a press release for the launch. She continued, “A brand that could reflect us and our self-expression and still be good for you, simple to use and suited for changing, transitional skin. Being young in general is so tough, so creating a place to support everyone on their beauty journey was important to me.”

The actress, and now beauty guru, released a wide variety of products for EVERYONE all while making it affordable too! The most expensive item in the line? $34… talk about accessibility! Face washes, moisturizer, eye gels, facial mist, eye cream, concealer, skin tint, exfoliator, and lip oils are some of the thirteen products that were released, and much more that’ll be arriving later this year.

“With florence, everyone can discover and build their own beauty philosophy with clean, accessible and easy-to-use essentials,” Millie concluded in the press release.

Are you ready for you new fave line?! Shop Florence by Mills here NOW!