She’s Paris Hilton, bitch.

Paris Hilton recently caught up with Access Live and chatted about her iconic show “The Simple Life” with OG bestie Nicole Richie, which crazily celebrated FIFTEEN YEARS last week. Of course the hosts of the show asked Paris the one dying question we’ve been wanting to know though, what about a reboot?!

“I think it would obviously be hilarious, but I can’t believe we just celebrated fifteen years of it the other day,” Paris said. So ummm, why no straight answer P? Could this be because it’s already happening or?! While we might be looking way too into this, Paris has hinted at a reboot several times in the past few years when chatting about TSL with interviewers.

But wait- there’s more. Paris also reveled that she turned down the request for her to be apart of “The Hills” reboot, why? “Honey I’m running an empire… I don’t have time for that,” Paris said. Regardless, I would take Paris and Nicole doing a reboot over Paris doing work or a cameo for “The Hills,” wouldn’t you guys?

What do you think… will we be getting that reunion or what?!