How sweet is this?!

Joe Jonas has teamed up with JCPenney for the kickoff of their 2018 Holiday Giving Spree and just did the sweetest thing! Last Thursday, Dec 6th, Joe and JCP surprised twenty-five children from the YMCA at the Manhattan Mall in NYC with an incredible experience; handing out $100 gift cards to all twenty-five children and letting them go on a holiday shopping spree for themselves, family, and friends.

JCPenney annonced that they have expanded the incredible program and will host one of these events in each state and Puerto Rico; making it a total of 1,275 participants. I can’t express the gratitude I have for not only JCP, but Joe as well, for making this happen for so many kids + being so sweet to do so.

Be sure to watch a clip from the exciting day with Joe and JCP below!