Disney princesses meet Lindsay Lohan? Uh, yes please.

Lindsay Lohan is getting into her inner Disney princess characters for Paper Magazine‘s yearly and iconic ‘Break The Internet issue. The thirty-two year old icon talked with the magazine about all things LiLo related + the reason she opened a beach club.

Talking about her newest venture, “Lohan Beach House“, in Greece, Lindsay said she “wanted to make it a family-style beach.” Something “where people can go with their kids and feel safe. They can have fun and there’s not cameras every second. It’s not just a party thing; you can have a nice lunch.”

Linds also talked about her lifestyle changes, something that I admire her so much for speaking on! She said  “I am who I am. I’m a good person. I take care of myself. I’m healthy. I like to have fun, but that doesn’t mean I need to go out and drink and be crazy. I have a good relationship with that.”

She continued, “My brother and his wife came out to Mykonos and everyone wanted to go out every night, but I pretty much just went home; some of my friends didn’t want to go out, so they’d come and I’d cook. I like cooking for people and having people over and listening to good music.”

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