Shawn Mendes Discusses Struggling With Anxiety To “Wonderland”

Image result for shawn mendes wonderland

Shawn isn’t holding back for his new interview with “Wonderland.”

The summer 2018 issue of “Wonderland” is here and features Shawn Mendes as their cover star. The nineteen year old singer revealed struggling with anxiety within his music is something that’s  bit tough for him to deal with and also talked about his newest album.

“It was absolutely terrifying, I was thinking, what if people say, ‘Why is he making sad songs? We like his songs about love.’ I was terrified, then I realized it’s not about that,” Shawn revealed to the magazine.  He continued on about how he was wrong with his worries, saying “The day after it came out, I started getting messages from fans, friends and family about how important it was to them. You know, I couldn’t be happier.”

Be sure to get the latest issue of “Wonderlandhere and check out the behind the scenes video from Shawn’s photoshoot with the magazine below.

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