It was so much fun getting to talk with my friend Chance Sutton for XO Diva D! You guys have been asking when this interview was going to be live for so long now, so I’m beyond happy and excited to finally share it with you.

Chance I talked about all things gaming, vlogging, what it was like filming his first ever series, and much more! Be sure to follow Chance on his socials below to keep up with him and never miss a thing. Thank you Chance for doing this with me, I adore you!

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Twitch: Chance

DL: Hey Chance, I’m so excited to finally be talking with you! How are you?

CS: Hey David, I’m good!! It’s awesome to finally talk to you too!


DL: You recently started gaming on Twitch, I’m so proud of you! Where did you get the idea to start this?

CS: Super super excited about it, thank you! One of my best friends from Canada showed me the app about two years ago and I was instantly hooked. I knew immediately that’s what I wanted to do and as soon as I showed Anthony he was down too.


DL: You announced a week or two ago back that you were parting ways from Team 10, can you tell me a little bit about why you made this decision?

CS: I left Team 10 to just take a step back and focus on myself more. I want to pursue my own things and build my own self more!


DL: You know that social media is quick to spread and make fake drama and I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of rumors that you and your friends have bad blood now even though you cleared it up in your new video, but do you think you guys all will remain as close as you were before now that you’ve left?

CS: There’s so much fake drama / rumors! There was no huge fight between any of us and I have no hard feelings whatsoever. But with that being said I don’t think we’ll be as close as when I was with Team 10. I think we will still always be close but because I lived with them and did everything with them and now I’m separated from the group so we aren’t always around each other 24/7.


DL: Many people think that because you parted ways, that we won’t be seeing much of you vlogging anymore. What’re your plans for that?

CS: I have full plans to keep vlogging! I know right now it’s mostly been gaming content but I have some stuff planned for the near future to keep the vlogs rolling out for everybody.


DL: Do you see yourself collaborating with Anthony or anybody else in the near future again?

CS: I’m not really sure! I’m not against it but we’ll just have to wait and see if it ever happens. Hopefully.


DL: Since that you’re on your own now, do you think you’ll be creating your own merchandise and doing other things as time goes on?

CS: 100%! I’ll have my own merch coming out soon and who knows what the future has in store!! I’m sure I’ll be doing things I haven’t even thought about yet.


DL: In my opinion, there’s a really big misconception about you. A lot of individuals have this image that you’re “not nice” or “close minded,” which is completely false. I’ve never felt more loved or supported by someone like yourself, it means a lot to me. How do you manage to stay so positive and be so open minded when people can be cruel to you?

CS: Thank you David! It means a lot that you think that. I just stay true to myself honestly. I know who and what I am so when people who don’t truly know me say things I pay no mind to it because they don’t have a clue what they’re talking about. Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me right?


DL: You have a really big supportive group of fans, it’s amazing to see. What’s it like getting to touch so many people’s lives and make them smile/laugh all the time?

CS: It’s heartwarming. The fact that from me doing what I love doing makes people smile and genuinely happy is the craziest thing ever. I’m blessed and still can’t believe it sometimes.


DL: Onto something a bit more positive now! Your new show, “All Night,” just dropped on Hulu…congratulations!! How did you hear about the role and what made you want to be a part of the show?

CS: Thank you! My agency just brought it up to me one day and once I heard it was a high school graduation party type vibe, I was SO down.


DL: Was it fun getting to play a high school jock? Your character is hilarious, lol!

CS: It was fun playing drunk Bernie, lol, he’s a goon. I got to mess around the entire time and the dance scene is by far my funniest.


DL: Do you think you’ll do more acting gigs down the road, or was this just a fun one-time only project type of thing?

CS: I’m not quite share if I wanna pursue this, but it was definitely fun and something I’ll keep in my for the future.


DL: You’ve done a crazy amount of stuff throughout your life at such a young age and now you’re starting a new chapter, I couldn’t be more happy and proud of you. Are there any goals you hope to accomplish in the coming years?

CS: There are SO many goals to be accomplished!! To me this is just the very start of my career so I have a lot of work to do. One of them is I want to be a leader in the gaming community 🙂


DL: It was so nice getting to talk to you, this was so awesome to do. I know I’ve told you a 10000 times, but you truly are an incredible guy who I consider a friend and I know you’re going to do the biggest of things throughout your life. Thank you Chance!

CS: It’s been nice talking to you too David! We are definitely friends and I admire what you’ve created! This is so cool that you found something that suits you. I remember when I first saw your tweets I had no idea what you were all about but I’m glad you reached out and I got to you know you a little bit better! Thank you for having me and much love to you + all of your supporters ❤