Maybe some of you knew these and other didn’t….let me know what you think babes!

XO Diva D


  1. My middle name is Adrien.
  2. I’m named after my father, David Adrien LeCours.
  3. I hate potatoes…they make me so nauseous lol!
  4. I have 10 tattoos.
  5. I have two little sisters.
  6. The first thing I do every morning is wash my face and have a coffee.
  7. My mother taught me how to cook.
  8. My parents are separated and were actually never married.
  9. I am HORRIBLE at Math and Science.
  10. English is my favorite subject.
  11. My Aunt Ashlea is an English teacher and is the reason I love English, lol!
  12. My first real kiss was when I was 13 years old.
  13. My best friend Kristie and I met at a Demi Lovato concert.
  14. I never want to get married (as of now).
  15. I want to live in New York and California.
  16. I got scouted by Disney Channel when I was 6 but didn’t continue on.
  17. I don’t like the Mall as much as I do shopping online.
  18. When I met Selena Gomez, I tripped and almost fell on her…she laughed so hard lol!
  19. I am obsessed with sunglasses, it’s so bad.
  20. I’ve been to every Miley Cyrus tour.
  21. My lucky and favorite number is 13.
  22. When I was younger, I use to put on “concerts” like Britney Spears and make fake costumes like hers.
  23. I cried for two days straight when ‘Glee’ ended.
  24. When I need advice, I go to 3 people- my Aunt, 2 best friends, and Mom.
  25. I want to change the world and make world peace.