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Happy Tuesday guys, how are you!? I know that many of you love to see what I’m currently using for products, so it’s that time again!

I want to thank my new friend Lauren Grossman for sending me products from these two brands that I am loving right now! It’s so awesome to have support from people who work in the industry and believe in not only myself, but also my blog. Make sure you guys head to these sites ASAP and check out their products…you’re going to LOVE them!!!

XO Diva D

  • H20+ Beauty– My friends at H20+ Beauty sent me some products for me to try out, and let me say….I AM ADDICTED TO THEM! The face wash has to be my absolute favorite though. There is nothing better than using a face wash that can make your skin feel so clean and actually help with imperfections and breakouts. After cleansing with the face wash, I love to do use their makeup remover. I know that might seem a little strange, but it does wonders! I found that their makeup remover actually shrinks my pores and gets rid of blackheads. I’m not even sure if that’s what the product is supposed to do, but I cannot get over it! This by far is my favorite skin care line I’ve used in a while!


  • BROO– My friend that I mentioned before, Lauren Grossman (who does work with H20+ Beauty as well) introduced me to this line too! BROO is a beer infused line, isn’t that so cool and strange!? I’m not going to lie, I was a little hesitant to use the shampoo and conditioner at first because who would put beer in their hair!? I ended up using their shampoo and conditioner, and LOVED it! The smell is so soothing to me personally, and it really made a change in my hair. I am a frequent hair dyer, and these two products made my hair feel super soft and clean.