Courtesy of Ash by Ashley Benson

Ashley Benson is getting ready to step into the fragrance world and if you didn’t know, we are so here for it. The thirty-two year old icon teased the release of her debut fragrances, Ash by Ashley Benson, on social media two weeks ago calling the project her “little baby.” While there is no official release date announced, Ashley promises to give fans a “memorable collection.”

“A scent should transport you through space and time,” the official website says. “Ash by Ashley Benson takes notes of her most coveted experiences and brings them to mind using notes from two of her most endeared locations.” Ashley is no stranger to jaw-dropping moments when it comes to her style, so it’s no surprise this is going to be a massive hit for the actress.

The launch will include two fragrances; The Eighth and East 12th. Speaking on the fragrances Ash gave fans a peek into what made her have a mission to create a top tier fragrance. “I always loved old hotel room keys with the tassels on them. I would think about what lives they lived decades or even centuries ago,” she says.

“It made me think about how scent is a funny thing, it has the same effect as those old keys. It can transport you through time… and that’s what I hope to do with my new fragrance.”

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