She’s back ladies and gentlemen! Julia Michaels is sharing her heart once again and showing the world why her art is unlike any other. The multi-platinum singer/songwriter released her new single, “Sorry To Me Too,” and of course- it’s incredible.

Describing the story of a past love, the song follows what it’s like discovering what happens when you put your trust in the wrong one. “I’m sorry to me too. For ever believin’ you and puttin’ my trust in you. Well, now I got no reason to for givin’ you everything and lettin’ you take it from me,” she sings.

Speaking on the new single in a press release, Julia says, “The new music I have coming is me going through the grieving process of a breakup. You’ll hear me working out what happened, where it went wrong, trying not to blame myself, and getting back to life without this person who I thought would be in it for a really long time.”

She continued, “’Sorry To Me Too’ captures that disbelief and anger phase. Like, ‘You say you’re sorry?’ Well, I’m sorry to me too for believing all your bullshit and in the promises that you gave me and told me that I clinged to—that I thought were real.”

Sorry To Me Too,” is out now.