Courtesy of Atlantic Records

Daniel Seavey is pulling us in and putting us in the feels with his new song, “Can We Pretend That We’re Good?” The single, which is Seavey’s solo debut, was produced and self-written.

The song captures Daniel’s passion, emotion, and versatility throughout the song’s entirety. The most incredible part? The substantial and breathtaking vocals. Heartbreakingly beautiful can describe it best. Speaking with Rolling Stone Daniel said the song “defines” him.

“From the sound to the lyrics, it felt like the best representation of who I am and where I am going as my own artist,” he says. “My goal in every song is to make something nobody has ever heard. That may be cliché, but the music can speak for itself,” he says. “I have been writing and producing the majority of my work completely on my own, in my house.”

A few months ago the heartthrob also released “Bleed On Me” and “Hallelujah (Daniels Version,” via SoundCloud.

From the impeccable release of his debut single to the chillingly beautiful music video, Seavey is ready to take over. With the struggles Daniel has endured and opened up about, it is refreshing to see the strength and vulnerability he has.

Can We Pretend That We’re Good?” is out now.