Courtesy of Contrast Magazine

Harry Jowsey really is too hot to handle! The twenty-five year old jaw-dropper headed back home to Australia and sat down with Jackson O’Doherty for Jackson’s new podcast, Outspoken Show. Fans were quite happy to know Jowsey would be letting the world in on his dirty secrets, but that’s not all he talked about.

Opening up about taking Ayahuasca, a well known ayahuasca from South America, Harry spoke about what it’s been like having a career in America, how he landed Too Hot To Handle, and more. The heartthrob recently signed to William Morris Agency (WME) to expand his team, particularly in the movie and TV side of entertainment.

The social media star also covered Contrast Magazine back in July and discussed his plans for the future and where he sees his career going. Be sure to keep up with Harry as he continues to dominate the social media world, and check out his newest venture, The Ritual.

Watch the whole interview below!