How much more can she serve for 2020?! Legend…

Miley Cyrus is doing it all to end the year of 2020, and we are so thankful she came to save the day with releasing brand new music and now covering the January issue of the iconic Rolling Stone Magazine.

The newly twenty-eight-year-old sat down with the magazine to discuss her sobriety journey, life as playing Hannah Montana, addiction, mental health, and more.

Speaking on her sobriety, Miley says “I didn’t want to not make it through being 27. I didn’t want to join that club. Probably about halfway into 26, I got sober,” she said. “Then by 27, I was pretty much fully sober. Then, like a lot of people during the pandemic, I fell off. It was really a struggle. Mental health and anxiety and all that. I lost myself there.”

Miley is now five weeks sober and I couldn’t be more proud of her. She also revealed that breaking her sobriety wasn’t with drugs, it was with alcohol. “Haven’t done drugs in years. I would possibly take mushrooms. I did take ayahuasca, and I really, really liked that, but I don’t think I would do it again.”

Be sure to read the full article here for more of Miley’s time with the magazine!

Miley Cyrus Rolling Stone Cover: New Album, Rock Sound, Sobriety - Rolling  Stone