The actress is glowing more than ever…

Rebel Wilson is glowing even more with her confidence radiating like no other. The fourty-year-old actress has been working on getting to her goal weight and she truly looks the happiest she has ever been while sharing that she has hit that goal of 165 pounds.

Taking to Instagram video, Rebel sat down for an hour long talk to catch up with the world and share some of her story + tips that she wants to let you know if you are trying to get to your goal wight or just live a healthier life style.

“Walking is the best way for me—for my body type—to metabolize fat,” she says. “On the physical side, my biggest tip, guys, is get out there and walk. If you can do an hour, that’s what I like to do, when I go walking, and it is the best. Just get your body moving.”

Rebel also shared that she eats anywhere from 2,000 to 2,500 calories a day since she stays active and works out often. I couldn’t be happier that Rebel is happy and sharing her journey with us fans around the world.

Check out both Instagram videos below!