Your three favorite legends are here to answer some questions for XO DIVA D!

YOU GUYS!! I’m so excited to share the interview I did with three people who’ve inspired me for the past few years and have made me laugh like no other; The LadyGang. I got to speak with Becca, Keltie, and Jac for a one on one about their new book, clothing line, and much more and I’m so happy I get to share it with all of you.

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I’m so excited this interview was able to happen and couldn’t be more thankful for these ladies and their time. Check out the interview below and don’t forget to tune in every Tuesday and Thursday for new episodes of The LadyGang where you get your podcast!


DL: My favorite trio! I am so excited to talk with you ladies again. How are you? You have been up to so much since we last spoke.

LG: Hi David! We are busy! 


DL: It’s crazy to see how far LG has come since the beginning. You spoke about how the idea for the podcast came about when you were at a diner five or six years ago, that’s so interesting to me. 

Did you think this would eventually turn into something as major as it is now?

LG: Honestly, we just thought it would be a fun little side hustle and now its a full time job for 5 people. We are so proud. It’s been a lot of work, but it’s really cool the community we’ve created. 


DL: You three just dropped your first official book, “Act Like A Lady,” how does it feel to have a book out there and be New York Times Bestselling Authors? What were your reactions finding out that the book made that iconic list?

LG: Keltie cried like a little baby. It’s actually really sweet. It meant so much to us because, you know we had planned this whole book tour, and all this fancy press, and cool ideas to promote the book- but when it came down to COVID and what was happening in the world, all we ended up doing was just putting the book in the world on our Instagrams. The fact that the fans showed up in the way they did meant SO much. 


DL: Jac, you designed the cover of the book- it’s so beautiful. Was it fun getting to create the front piece of what everyone would see when they go to get or look at the book

LG: It was weird, Jac actually went to school for design, but she had zero confidence in working on the book herself. It was a process, and over the year we were working on it she gained confidence, and we love the final product. Isn’t it SO pretty! 


DL: The other thing I love is that you three are always about self-love, something that is so important. That’s a huge part of the LadyGang philosophy isn’t it?

LG: We kind of look at it like, all we have is ourselves. The good and the bad. One of the motto’s we posted in the book is “Treat yourself cause no one else will” we stand behind that. 


DL: Keltie, this book was a huge dream come true for you to create and release, I love it! What was it like getting to work with Becca and Jac on this after being with each other for so long and getting really in-depth on each other’s lives even more and really just baring it all, literally, for it?

LG: That’s the cool thing about LG, everytime we think we know everything about each other, we discover something new. The book has a level of vulnerability that we haven’t shown much on the podcast, and that’s why it’s so special. 


DL: I just left a mental health treatment facility after checking myself in this past January to work on myself and am starting to get my life together at twenty-two. The book has been really helpful because it’s so empowering. One of the main things I’m taking from it so far is that you have to be yourself no matter what’s going on in life and not caring about what the fuck people think.

Was it hard getting to the point where you wouldn’t let the opinions of others affect not only your work, but personal lives as well?

LG: Proud of you! Honestly, we still care. When you run a business it’s important that you listen to the constructive criticism from strangers- but you have to also not let it ruin you (cause it can!) It’s a balance. 


DL: What has the response to the book meant to you from the fans? The reviews are out of this world with love.

LG: It’s actually mind blowing. It means the world when we see all the ladies sharing it with their friends on social media! 


DL: Now I’m just saying… I think we need some new merchandise with the back cover photo on the book, like sweatshirts and phone cases. Is this something we can make happen?!

LG: We are thinking about it, right now we are working with EXPRESS on our clothing line and so that’s where our main focus is right now. 


DL: Not only did the book just drop, but you have a fucking collaboration with Express… like damn! How did this come about?

LG: We were approached about doing clothing, and EXPRESS was the first brand that was brought up. We actually had a whole summer planned with tour, and the book and the clothing…and obviously with COVID we had to cancel all of that. It’s a little hard when we can’t go into stores and even do styling sessions IRL like we wanted but overall the reaction has been wonderful, it’s our first jump into fashion and we learned A LOT. 

DL: Do you have a favorite piece from the collection? I’m obsessed with the sweatshirt.

LG: We love all the pieces! The denim romper is perfect for work from home. We love the faux satin pj set as an investment piece you will wear for years to come. Obviously, we love the white romper with LADYGANG across the back! 


DL: How has quarantine been for you ladies? I’m so glad that the podcast is still happening. 

LG: It’s been a pivot but if you can believe this, our listenership has gone up. More people are finding us than ever, and with all the terrible news everyday, it’s a nice little break. 


DL: You have done so much and we’re not even close to being done with 2020. Do you have any hopes for the next few months during quarantine or even after?

LG: After we wrap the clothing line, we will just be back to podcasting. We always have a million things we want to do, but it’s already been a big year. We can’t wait to get together in the studio again and podcast IRL.


DL: With all of that, I just want to thank you again for taking the time to speak with me. I hope you ladies stay safe and I can’t wait to watch you continue to take over the world!

LG: We love you, David!