Lennon Stella Releases Her Debut Album “Three. Two. One.”


Lennon Stella’s debut album is finally here!

After a year of teasing her first LP, Lennon Stealla has released her debut album ‘Three. Two. One.’ In the first official Instagram post for the singers album release she showed nothing but love, gratitude, and emotion saying she has “genuinely never felt anything” she feels right now.

Thanking her co-writers, producers, record label, and team, the twenty-year-old says “my visuals came true” and that she is “forever grateful.” The thirteen track album reveals a different side of Stella; a raw and intimate sound that channels pop and an urban feel.

Lennon will be doing some virtual promo for the album and fan interaction on her social channels; you can get the schedule here. While a tour is postponed at the moment you can blast her album and expect to not have a single song skip on the LP, believe me.

Check out Lennon’s new music video for ‘Older Than I Amhere!


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