2020 is Selena’s year and we are NOT worthy!

Selena Gomez has been a busy woman the past four months; she released her fifth studio album, ‘Rare,’ and then a follow up with three new songs titled, ‘Rare Deluxe,’ announced an inclusive beauty line, ‘Rare Beauty,’ and has been using her platform to do all she can to help those in need during COVID-19.

With all that and more, the gem superstar opened up to Amy Schumer for an interview with the magazine. The two spoke about her new beauty line, the new LP, mental health, and of course- food.

Speaking on being an advocate for mental heath and helping so many lives, the singer says “I don’t know if that was ever meant to be my role, but I love people. I care, a lot. I’ve gone through a lot of medical issues, and I know that I can reach people who are going through similarly scary things—an organ transplant, or being on dialysis, or going away for treatment. A huge part of why I have a platform is to help people.”

The twenty-seven year old opened up about Lupus, something Gomez has been candid about the past two years after being diagnosed with it a young age and having a life-threatening surgery. When Selena was asked what she wanted others to know, she said “I’ve worked with the Lupus Research Alliance for a few years, and basically there are different types of autoimmune diseases. Some people with lupus have physical effects, and those are more noticeable.”

Continuing on, she says “I had no idea that I had it. There were no physical signs of it. And when I was 16, my blood pressure was at a level that doctors said I should have had as troke. They put me in the hospital because they couldn’t figure out why my blood pressure was so high. Some people need to get transplants because of it, and it’s something that isn’t talked about a lot. I’m extremely honored to be a part of that community and to find ways that are safer for people to get treatment, or to make it easier to detect quicker.”

Be sure to check out the rest of Selena’s interview with the magazine here. You can also watch Selena’s new music video for her single, ‘Boyfriend,’ below.