90 days ago today I flew down to where I am in Florida to enter treatment. I never thought I’d be alive on this earth after where I was headed in my life, but here I am. This process has been one of the most difficult, raw, rewarding, and emotional experiences in my entire and I am so grateful for who I’ve become. I finally am starting to live a life I love, my real life that I don’t pretend I have it all together and am honest about who I am.

I’m human and I struggle daily, but that’s apart of recovery and it’s something I will work with every day and that’s okay. I am thankful for these struggles and diagnosis because they are apart of me and show me that I can overcome and live with anything. I’ve opened up about this experience and will continue to do so because I don’t want anyone to feel like I felt or how I felt about seeking help before I got here; ashamed. I now see that me seeking help was the most important decision in my life and I will never be able to put into words just how much the people that have supported me mean to me.

The letters, daily check-ins, and more; you’ve shown me what real friends are. And while I see who said they wouldn’t leave me but they did, YOU didn’t. I continue this process in treatment feeling grateful and blessed and I hope every person out there that may be struggling knows it’s important to seek help when it’s needed.

We are all living proof that we are strong and I hope nobody ever forgets that. I am also excited to announce two things; my blog, XO DIVA D, is officially back today after a four month hiatus.

Number two is that I’m starting a series called “The Stories” that will be about Mental Health and Substance Abuse featuring my friends sharing their stories with the world to help others in need. I couldn’t be more excited for all this and am thankful for all the love and support.