A Lizzie reboot and a makeup collab?! Yes, we will take these gifts!

Hilary Duff has partnered up with NudeStix for an exclusive, and limited, collaboration for a collection she calls ‘DAYDREAMER.’ The collection, which is officially out today, features seven of Hilary’s essentials and can be bought as a set for $75.

What seven essentials are those you might ask? Nudies Matte All-Over Blush, Glow All-Over Highlighter, Gel Color Lip and Cheek Balm, and three Magnetic Luminous Eye Colors. Hilary spoke with Allure about the new collection and talked about why she loves it so much + why it’s important for it to be easy for women.

“It’s created by women, so they think about everything.” Hilary says. “The little brush on the end of the stick unscrews, so you can wash it, because who wants to keep using the same dirty brush again. It comes with the right size pencil sharpener that’s not just this big, chunky square that goes in your bag. It’s just smart.”

Shop the collab before it’s gone here!