The EXACT products I always have on hand…

Everyone has their set skincare routine and regimes that work for them, and being someone who is a skincare freak; so do I! Taking care of my skin is the most important thing to me because that’s the first thing I see the moment I wake up and the moment I go to bed.

I’ve always been super insecure when it comes to how I look, skin and body wise, so my skin is my biggest priority when it comes to taking care of things. I’m probably the most insane person when it comes to my routine… but you have to do what works best for you! I try and mask every other day of the week OR twice a week, depending on how my skin is looking at the time.

Besides masking, I also use a cleanser every morning and night + a very thick eye serum/cream every night. On top of those, I also use a hand cream + facial spray for hydration and spot treatments to help with any blemishes I might have at the moment.

Take a peek at the 10 products that are ALWAYS on hand at my house or where I go!

  1. Cleanser: Beauty Lounge Med Spa
  2. Facial Spray: Evian, Mario Badescu, OR Peter Thomas Roth
  3. Eye Cream: iS Clinical 
  4. Spot Treatment: Mario Badescu OR Peter Thomas Roth (these are awesome too)
  5. Masks: Mario Badescu, Beauty Lounge Med Spa, OR Peter Thomas Roth
  6. Lip Balm: Mario Badescu OR Fresh
  7. Hand Cream: Mario Badescu
  8. Toner: Mario Badescu
  9. Acne Pads: Beauty Lounge Med Spa OR Peter Thomas Roth
  10. Eye Mask: Patchology