Nicole Scherzinger Talks That Much Needed Pussycat Dolls Reunion…


Could we really get that Pussycat Doll reunion we’ve all been dying for?

Nicole Scherzinger is a busy woman these days; flying around the world appearing on hit TV shows and being a judge on Australia’s Got Talent. The singer touched down in Australia earlier this week to promote the show on Sunrise and went down memory lane with Kochie and Nat at Brekky Central while talking about those iconic Pussycat days.

“It was crazy because it happened really fast and we didn’t expect it,” Nicole says reflecting on the girl groups rise to major success. Of course being on the topic of the girl group, Nicole was asked that one question we’ve been dying to know… all about that reunion.

“Did you love it so much that you would do a reunion?,” Kochie asked. Nicole’s answer? “Absolutely, I love my girls, especially now at such a wonderful time for female empowerment,” the singer said.

While it isn’t clear if we will actually get that reunion we’ve all been hoping for, it does look like a majority of the ladies seems to be up for it and one can only hope and pray that it’ll happen!

Check out the clip below!



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