How I keep up to date on all things MGM Springfield

Keeping up to date on all the incredible things MGM Springfield has to offer can be somewhat overwhelming when there’s just that, so much! The podcast and blog, Art In The Game, lets me know everything going on at the new Massachusetts hot spot so I can get a taste of what’s to come and what’s going on.

Another awesome thing about the blog and podcast is that it lets the followers and listeners get exclusive in-the-know’s before other people because of the interviews that take place with important and influential people that make MGM what it is. Some of those names include Michael Mathis, Joe Watkins, and more coming soon.

Not only do I like to know what’s going on downtown at the new casino, but I also like to know what I can do when and if I’m there. From the casino and hotel itself to the luxury spa, the pool with the villas, and of course the dining… it’s good to know what recommendations Chris has for me on his blog and show.

With all the exciting things MGM still has to come this year and the coming years, I can’t wait to learn more and more about the plans and see where the casino ends up. You can keep up to date with MGM Springfield here… but also on Chris‘s podcast, Stitcher, Facebook page, Facebook group, and on Twitter and Instagram for awesome updates and more.