Your summer anthem is here!

Erika Costell has released her newest single, ‘Second,’ and it’s everything we wanted and more. The raw and emotionally lyrical track displays Erika’s voice even more so than her previous projects including ‘Girls Night,’ ‘Thots Not Feelings,’ and ‘Queen.’

Speaking candidly about the new single, Erika opened up about what prompted her to write the song in the first place. “I wrote this song back in January when I was in a very vulnerable place in my life… it’s always been really hard for me to talk about my emotions and I tend to keep them all to myself until i hit a breaking point,” she says.

Erika continued, “Writing ‘Second‘ took a huge emotional weight off my shoulders; it helped me to feel free and also helped me realize how strong I was becoming.” While some people are quick to judge a situation based on one-sided stories and incorrect accusations, Erika continues to keep quiet and let her music speak for itself.

The model, YouTuber, and singer says her “goal for this song is to let anyone who is listening know that breaking points in life are not only normal… but that they make us better, stronger, and wiser.”

While it might seem like she’s already doing so much, this is just the beginning for Erika and what’s to come over the next several months for her and her career. I couldn’t be more proud of her and the strength she has developed; she is a true light.

Second‘ by Erika Costell is out NOW!