Another bop from this iconic duo? Yes, please.

Aly and AJ are gearing up for their highly anticipated ‘Sanctuary‘ EP and summer tour, but they are in full tease-mode by giving us a taste of what’s to come from the new music.

Their new single, ‘Don’t Go Changing,’ is out today and showcases the breathtaking vocals and lyrically inspiring sound which can be heard as an emotional plea to a lover. Being described as a “bop for the ages,” the synth and pop track are the second piece to drop from their forthcoming EP that’s due out May 10th.

While promoting the new single and hyping up the new EP, the sisters were invited to write an op-ed to share their experiences on mental illness and how they hope The Trevor Project will help fans on their upcoming tour. Be sure to read the incredibly touching and inspiring piece here.

For more information on their upcoming summer tour, click here! You can also now order some kick-ass new merch from the new era from the girls here. What’re you waiting for?! Read that article, stream that song, get those tickets, and buy that merch!

Don’t Go Changing‘ is out NOW!