I’ve been trying to keep quiet on social media to focus on my mental health, but I have to acknowledge #FreeBritney.

My hearts been hurting reading these stories, theories, and potential facts about what’s been going on with Brit over the past months, let alone years. Things didn’t add up to me when Domination was cancelled and things still don’t add up to me now.

While I do believe that her father was actually sick, I feel as if that wasn’t the entire truth as to why the show was actually called off and I’ve been worried ever since. It’s no secret that Britney is a money making machine to some people, but she’s not just some object for people to play around with or use to their advantage- she is a HUMAN BEING.

I don’t care about another tour, residency, album, etc.; I just want her to be happy and healthy. I don’t know if everything is 100% true that’s coming out, but I personally do believe that Britney is trapped in this type of machine that people have put her into.

It’s obvious that she has wanted out of this conservatorship for so long, yet people play the “she’s crazy” card. The conservatorship needs to come to an end. Britney is more than capable of taking care of not only herself, but also her children.

This has been dragged out way longer than it needs to be and it’s time that she lives her life and enjoys what she deserves; freedom and peace. Anybody that knows me personally or knows of me knows how much this woman means to me. I don’t care about anything except for her happiness, health, and wellbeing.

She has been working almost her entire life and it’s time she does what she wants with the rest of it. I’m not taking sides with anyone, but I do believe it’s time for #FreeBritney to become more than just a hashtag; it’s time for it to become a reality so Britney can live her life freely without the approval of people who care about money and not her well-being as a person.

Regardless of what you believe and don’t believe, I think we all can agree that we just want Britney to be happy and healthy. We know how much she’s been through and how hard she’s worked throughout her life, so isn’t it time she gets the freedom she deserves?

I don’t know if she’ll see this, but Britney- I am with you and I love you. You are everything to me and I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.

Please know that us fans want nothing but the best for you and that you are more than just a public figure to us; you are a human. I hope whatever the truth is comes out and that it actually does #FreeBritney and let’s her live a life she wants to live.

We love you @britneyspears, please be strong and know that we will never stop loving or fighting for you. Britney Army forever angel. ❤️