Just when you think they can’t get any better… they do.

Pop Queens Aly and AJ have released the highly anticipated music video for their new single, ‘Church.’ Shot at the Samuel-Novarro House in Los Angeles, the girls created and shot their most seductive, and iconic, music video to date.

Directed by Alex Ross Perry and produced by Sean Conaty, the release of the video is just weeks before the 2019 summer ‘Sanctuary Tour‘ kicks off in Illinois. Speaking about their newest EP and tour when ‘Church‘ first dropped, the duo revealed some touching stories about the direction of their new era + why this is their most personal one yet.

Being the huge fan of Aly and AJ I am, it might seem a bit biased coming from me, but it’s so refreshing and incredible to see two strong women empower people with a video/new era like this.

The world we live in is so quick to degrade women for showing the sensual sides of themselves, yet when a man does it he’s looked at as “the man.” Well guess what? These girls are here to show you that women can do anything AND everything (if not more, lol) that a man can do.

People like Aly and AJ deserve more recognition for the good that they do instead of the people who take their platforms for granted. Here’s to these two and the start to even more epic era yet!

Church,’ is out now. Watch the exclusive premiere of the video, via The Fader, here and be sure to follow them on Instagram and Twitter for more updates and get tour information here! Don’t forget to check out the video and be on the look out for more news regarding new music, etc, on the girls official website here.