The Queen of acting and beauty is letting the world in!

Is it the human flesh she’s eating or is because she’s the iconic and gorgeous Drew Barrymore? Just kidding- she doesn’t really eat humans like Sheila on ‘Santa Clarita Diet‘, or does she…?

Sitting down with NewBeauty for their Spring 2019 issue, the beautiful Drew chatted with the magazine about motherhood, face-masks, what every woman should buy, and of course; all things beauty related.

Talking about her love for face masks, Drew opened up to how she had so many- and guess what? She didn’t buy them, she MADE them.  “I discovered JayJun on my first research trip to Hong Kong for Flower Beauty. I had popped into a drugstore in a subway station underneath a weird mall and grabbed their Baby Pure Shining sheet mask,” she said.

“I tried it and was instantly impressed. Two days later in South Korea, I had already arranged a meeting with the company, and we collaborated to launch three masks [JayJun x Drew Barrymore] in Asia.”

As for what she thinks every woman should buy? A lip liner!  “At one point in your life, you will need lip liner. That’s what I’ll tell my girls,” she said. “You won’t think you’ll ever need it, and then one day you’ll see that lip liner isn’t just for fun. It’s a necessity.”

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