Happy Birthday! Well, I mean, death day…

Jessica Rothe is gearing up to have her own type of ‘groundhog’ day again with the sequel to her 2017 movie, ‘Happy Death Day.’ The 2019 film, ‘Happy Death Day 2U,’ will follow Tree Gelbman (Jessica) as she has to relive her death countless times again to find her newest killer.

As for the synopsis? “The sequel finds sorority girl Tree Gelbman again reliving the day of her murder, now being confronted with even greater dangers than before. Not only must she stop her own murder, she must save all of her friends as well.”

The movie is described to have more twists, turns, and shockers than the first movie and will star Rudy Modine and Israel Broussard. Be sure to check out the official trailer below and don’t forget to see the movie February 14th in theaters!