Who who who!?

I think everyone has that one person they call when something happens or they’re put in a certain situation, so I wanted to share mine! Whether it’s advice, problems, or whatever- I always have that one person to call no matter what.

Take a peek at who I contact when these things happen in my life below!


When I need advice: It depends on the advice I need! If it’s something business related, I’ll call or text my Dad. If it’s something a bit more personal, I’ll call one of my best friends, Bree, and see what she thinks I should do.

When something goes wrong: My Mom, ALWAYS. She’s always the one I call when something goes wrong and I’m not sure what to do, it’s that Mom thing you know? Lol.

When I get exciting news: Ooh, there’s a few people! The main person I call first, though, is my Aunt Ashlea. I usually don’t tell anyone anything exciting until I tell her first, lol! I got some exciting news a few days back and since she didn’t answer the phone, I wouldn’t tell anyone until I told her first. My Aunt has been (and always will be) my biggest supporter, her and my Uncle Mike.

Boy problems: I’ll text, FaceTime, or call one of these people- Bree, Char, Abby, or Christine. Those are four of my best girl friends, who are practically family at this point, and I’ll ask them what I should or shouldn’t do.

When I need to laugh: I 100% will text my group chat with my two besties, Mu and Aziz. These two can legit make me laugh about anything, sometimes that’s not good though, lol! I think it’s important to have these kinds of people in life. I’ll also talk with Char, she makes me LMAO.

When I’m sad: My Meme’re or my Aunt Ashlea, again. These two always make me feel better and can help me look at the brighter side of the situation, no matter how bad it is. I think it’s so important to have people you can call, but especially when you’re feeling down. Sometimes our minds and personal thoughts can destroy our moods and minds, so it’s really important for me that I have them. Even if I don’t tell them I’m sad, I’ll call them and just talk to them about whatever, because their voices and love always help.