You better slay, bitch!

I’m so excited to share this interview I did with my boo Ryan, aka The Slay Gawd…yass! You might know Ryan from his iconic social media posts or from Circa Pop Live, which you can check out on Facebook.

Keep reading to find out everything Ryan’s been up too and everything else you’ve been dying to know! Be sure to follow Ry on Twitter and Instagram so you don’t miss a thing, you deff don’t want to miss what’s coming. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did! Love you Ry, so proud of everything you’re doing…you better slay!


DL: Ryan!!! Thank you so much for talking with me love, how are you?

RM: David!!! I’m absolutely amazing. So, honored to be talking to you!


DL: One of the things I love most about you is that you’re always yourself. We live in a really judgmental world, so it’s great to see people like you shine no matter what. Have you always been about embracing yourself?

RM: Thank you! I really appreciate you saying that. I think over time I learned to fully embrace myself. I’ve always been outgoing and love to be around people but it most definitely took the time but that comes with growth. I’ve gotten to the place in my life now that I truly believe that I can’t do anything without feeling 100% myself and I want to be that little piece of representation for someone.


DL: Why is it important for you to use your platform to continuously spread the message that people should always be true to who they are? I’m the same way and I have so much love and respect for you because you are too, not many people are like that today.

RM: Yeah, ever since I started following you, I could tell that you loved what you did and truly loved being yourself. I think because of this newfound “spotlight” that’s been shined on me, I really feel like it was Destiny’s way of telling me to use my platform for only things that I truly believe in and stand for. If I can inspire someone to believe in themselves from just being little ol’ me, then I think this new path of mine is completely worth it.


DL: You’ve been on Circa Pop Live for quite a while now, how did this gig come up for you?

RM: So outside of hanging out with my faves, I’m a Social Media Editor for a company called Circa. Through that I met one of my very dear friends, Shira Lazar, and we just instantly had chemistry and she asked me to be her co-host for the show. This has also been apart of my new journey in life ­– interviewing and hosting.


DL: What’s your favorite part about doing the show?

RM: Omg. My favorite part has to be meeting other content creators and some of my favorite celebrities. Getting the opportunity to get to know people on another level while once again just being myself is a dream come true, to be honest.


DL: Have you had a favorite guest star on the show yet? Is there anyone that you want to appear on it that hasn’t yet?

RM: Hmm. There have been so many people, it’s so hard to pick. Jake has been one of my faves even though it was brief. It was the start of our friendship, and it has introduced me to some amazing people that are changing my life day by day.  I’m still waiting on my girl Erika and the Goat Squad to make an appearance! Haha.


DL: You’re known as Slay Gawd, which is so iconic might I add, but where did you come up with the name?

RM: Yasss Slay!! It actually came from me always finding some way of including ‘slay’ in my daily vocabulary. I was heavily involved in my universities’ fashion community and started a blog. So, it became this alter ego of mine and really shaped finding myself. It was my version of Sasha Fierce.


DL: I think the world needs some Slay Gawd merchandise, do you see yourself ever creating your own merch?

RM:  Yas Gawddd! I’ve been working on a few ideas and really, I’m so new to the whole merch world, I don’t even know if people will actually buy it haha. I really want it to be different from your typical merch idea. Something that really showcases my years of work in the fashion industry. Something chic but affordable.


DL: Many people have been asking you to create a YouTube channel and start vlogging, have you thought about doing it yet?

RM: Yeah, I’ve actually been thinking about it for some years now. I think now is shaping up to be the right time for me to launch my own channel but I just want to make sure it’s perfect & #SlayGawdApproved.


DL: I’d love to see you collab with our girl Erika Costell, would you be up for that and is there anything you’d like to do most with her for either of your channels?

RM: Yasss of course! She’s my queen. We are most definitely going to collab once my channel is launched. Plus, I love being with the Goat Squad.


DL: Speaking of Erika, there’s rumors of you joining Team 10 very soon…what’s the tea!? Spill!

RM: Haha. A lady never tells her secrets. I’m just enjoying doing what I love and being around people that I really enjoy.


DL: Do you have anything exciting planned for the rest of the year?

RM: Yes, actually. I’m working on some amazing new projects that I can’t wait to tell everyone about. This year has really been the year of letting go and letting the journey take me to where I am supposed to go. Just know that everyone is not READY!


DL: It was so nice talking with you love, thank you again and keep slaying!!

RM: Honestly, you are my FAVE and I’m so proud of everything you are accomplishing. The world of media needs someone like you. Thank you so much for this!