Hey guys! I am so thrilled to share this interview I did with the beautiful and extremely talented, Cassie Scerbo! You might know Cassie from movies such as Bring It On: In It To Win It, Teen Spirit, and the Sharknado films.  Though she’s been in numerous movies, she also spends her time as Vice President of the well known Boo2Bullying organization, which promotes kindness and spreads awareness on bulling and suicide.

Read below to find out what Cassie and I chatted about, and the exclusive on what she told me about her new upcoming projects!

XO Diva D

David: Hey Cassie! Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with me for my blog, how have you been?

Cassie: Hi David! It’s my pleasure. I’ve been wonderful. Thank you for asking!


David: You’ve been acting for quite some time now, how did you first get started?

Cassie: The entertainment field in general has been something I’ve wanted to pursuit before I can even remember. I got my first agent when I was 10 years old back in Miami. With focus, perseverance and the support of my family, here we are! The sky is limit and I feel I have much more to accomplish, but I’m proud at where I am today, it’s been a fun ride thus far!


David: Do you have a favorite project/role you’ve ever played or been apart throughout your acting career?

Cassie: Two of my upcoming project’s roles actually – “Truth or Dare” and “Graffiti”. I love any project where I’m challenged. I love changing things up and constantly surprising my fans.


David: Is there an actor or actress that you’d love to be costars with for a movie?

Cassie: I couldn’t NOT say Meryl Streep. I’m a huge Robert Deniro and Ashley Judd fan as well.


David: You play a main role in one of mine (and a lot of others) favorite movie, Bring It On. It’s so crazy to me that the movie came out ten years ago already, would you/have you thought about ever going back and rephrasing your role as Brooke?

Cassie: Thank you! And absolutely! I loved playing the snarky and fierce Brooke! I had a blast shooting Bring it On in Orlando! I fell in love with cheer stunts!


David: Your newest film Sharknado 5 aired this past August on Syfy. What was it like going back and playing Nova again?

Cassie: I always love reprising the role of Nova! She’s strong and determined. I love all of the action that comes along with the role as well! This time around Nova has created her own underground army which you’ll get to see tonight! “The Sharknado Sisterhood”


David: Do you have any other acting gigs you can tell me about planned for this year or the near future?

Cassie: Truth or Dare! It comes out in October and is a psychological thriller. I can’t wait for people to see it! It’s quite intense!


David: Your extremely involved with all things against bullying and that’s so awesome. What made you want to use your platform and get involved with Boo2Bullying?

Cassie: Yes, I’m the VP of Boo2Bullying and I’m so proud of our organization. I love promoting kindness. I believe with kindness we can change the world and truly move mountains – it’s that simple! Especially with social media nowadays, there’s been a huge rise statistically in bullying and even suicide. It’s awful. We need to spread love and support one another.


David: Your skin always looks so clear and flawless! Do you have a morning/nighttime skin regime? Also, what do you use if you ever get breakouts?

Cassie: Thank you! I’m obsessed with my Rodan and Fields regimen! It’s in the link in my Instagram bio actually.


David: You’re an extremely successful actress, but still remain so humble and down to earth. Can you give any advice to aspiring actors/actresses or even people who want to work in the entertainment industry?

Cassie: That’s so sweet of you. Thank you for the kind words. It’s as simple and cliche as NEVER EVER GIVE UP. No matter how hard it may get or what anyone might tell you, YOU KNOW your talent and passion better than anyone and when you accomplish your dreams there is no better feeling in the world. It’s all worth it, even all the challenges and hardships that may come along with it!